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Syke Gym Update 27/01/20

Memberships for the Syke gym will be available from the 28/01/20

Click on the join now link or simply come in to join at reception.

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Syke Gym Update 15.1.20

The Syke Gym will be CLOSING at Midday on Sunday 26th January.

All equipment is being removed on Sunday and Monday.

Flooring & Decorating works will be carried out.

New equipment will be installed on Thursday 30th January.

New memberships will be available very soon.

The Syke Gym will be strictly MEMBERS ONLY.

Thank you for your  continued support in this period of change.


Update 9/1/2020

We have now come to an arrangement to purchase new equipment for the new Syke gym.

Delivery expected to be within three weeks.

In the meantime we have reached a compromise with the existing kit owners to use the equipment pending removal,

We have two options one to close the gym until February 1st or continue absorbing the cost without gym membership.

To help costs there will be  charge of £1 per visit per person until the membership relaunch.

Membership details will be out next week and will be very competitive and include extra benefits.

Thank you for those who have supported us in this and we look forward to seeing you in the gym.

The gym in this interim period will be open from 8am and close at 8:30pm Monday to Friday

Weekends the gym will open 8:30am – 6pm

Kind regards Mike.



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