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Swim to your own schedule at your own perfect pace. No crowded pools and no one to disturb your peace while you train. Swim or exercise against a smooth current that is fully adjustable to any speed or ability. Further details on its use are detailed below.Our brand new Endless Pool is perfect for:

Hydrotherapy is a therapeutic, low-impact activity for people of all ages and abilities. . Experience a feeling of weightlessness and the decreased amount of joint stress makes it easier and less painful to exercise; and because its in private, you can exercise without anybody watching,  An Endless Pool will also:

    • Increase flexibility and strengthen muscles
    • Alleviate the symptoms of many medical conditions
    • Improve balance and agility
    • Decrease joint swelling and reduce pain

Open water swimming / Triathlon Training:

Training for a long distance, marathon or English Channel swim can be a daunting experience. Hours and hours of required practice, trouble finding pool time, crowded lanes, add to that the problem of finding open water, especially if you are landlocked, so you can acclimatise to the cold-water conditions of the British climate. While swimming in our Endless Pool you can tirelessly tweak your stroke seeking greater ease. The combination of the current and our floor mirror on the bottom of the pool give instant and unmistakable feedback on stroke efficiency and technique. The lack of interruption for walls and turns – and the consistency of the current speed – means that when your stroke is good, you can continue “grooving” it into muscle memory until your stroke rhythm remains absolutely consistent. Both are huge benefits in swims that last from one to several hours.

And of course… Swimming!:

Few fitness activities rival swimming for cardiovascular and musculoskeletal benefits. Swimming works more muscle groups – simultaneously – than almost any other form of exercise. And swimming burns as many calories as other aerobic sports without the associated dangers to muscles, bones, ligaments and joints due to stress and constant pounding. 

An Endless Pool delivers the ultimate swim because by swimming in-place you never turn, so your swimming is 20-30% more effective. The fitness benefits are extraordinary!